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Contact us - helping us to help you

The BIrkenhead Residents Association is comprised of community members who volunteer their time to work together to support our goals.

Because of the increasing pressures of daily life, the Birkenhead Residents Association is scaling back its acitivities slightly.  We will no longer offer a Post Office Box, postal mail address or a contact phone number. 

We ask that all communications are made by email to our primary contact address:

or if, that doesn't connect, to

If possible, it will help us to answer if your email includes:

  1. Your name

  2. Your email address

  3. Your mobile mumber (or if none, your landline)

  4. Your residential address (optional)

  5. A one sentence summary of each question you wish to raise

  6. A clear statement about the issues involved

  7. Links to relevant websites or documents

If you want to contact a particular member of the BRA committee, please email 

Members of the Residents Association Committee  for the 2024-2025 year elected at the 2024 AGM:

  • Adrian  Meys

  • Andrew Osborn

  • Helen Renwick

  • Jeremy Sole

  • John Brew

  • Keitha Turner

  • Keith Salmon

If you don't have access to email or internet, please ring Keith Salmon on 021-240-9414 and he will pass a message on. 

Some resources that may help you to resolve issues:

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